Critical Details about your Duradek

Critical Details about maintaining your Duradek!

1 – Caulking
Due to the fact that the deck structure can move throughout the seasons due to heat and moisture, we can’t warranty caulking.  Therefore it is a maintenance item that needs to be inspected by the homeowner each year and replaced as required.  We offer repair/inspection services at Caldek. Contact us if you have any questions!

2 – Subsurface Changes (Ground / House Movement)
Neither Caldek or Duradek can be held responsible for Subsurface Changes that may cause vinyl to Telegraph resulting from drying, twisting, shrinking or movement of the Subsurface or Structural Components.

3 – Care and Cleaning
We recommend your deck should be cleaned 4 times per year as per Duradek’s Care and Cleaning Guide.

4 – Bubbles
During cold weather installations, bubbles may appear around the deck for a short period of time. Do not be alarmed as it is common, and once warmer weather comes around, the bubbles will disappear. More information can be found here.

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