Winter Duradek Installs

Yes, we can install Duradek in the winter!

If you’re looking to have your deck completed while you’re not using it this winter, we can definitely help. Our installers will hoard your deck, and provide heat to ensure a perfect install all winter! Here are a few things below to provide you with very helpful information.

Duradek membranes adhere to an acceptable substrate with the use of our solvent based contact adhesive. Contact adhesives dry by “flashing off”. The installation procedure involves applying a thin coating of adhesive to one surface (i.e. top of plywood deck), let dry completely then coating the other surface to be glued (i.e. back of Duradek membrane), letting it become tacky and then contacting the two surfaces together. The bond strength comes when the molecules of the glue physically and chemically mesh together. This is a rapid but not a uniform process. Pockets of still web solvent adhesive can be trapped under the now partially adhered membrane. These pockets will now take longer to flash off and can use a “gas bubble” to form.

The gas bubbles will vanish as the adhesive dries over time. Applying heat to the top of the membrane can temporarily soften Duradek contact adhesives so the bubble will stick down to the plywood. The solar heat from the does this naturally, but this process can take time depending on the season. Other methods are quicker and can often be done by the owner, they include: stepping on the bubble with a slight twist, use a hair dryer set at medium heat, clothes iron and a damp towel slip sheet, pouring hot water over the bubbles also works.

Concentrated or too high of a heat setting could glaze the membrane finish, so be careful! Only a qualified installer should apply direct heat using a Hot Air Welding Gun or Directional Forced Air Space Heater.

How do you handle Ice on your Duradek?
Rock Salt, Kitty Litter (for non-slip traction) and various other snow-melting chemicals can be used on your Duradek surface. We do caution, however, that you clean the surface thoroughly with our Duradek Membrane Cleaner before letting the heat of the Spring sun “bake” any chemicals into the surface. Do not use a sharp shovel, try to use a plastic basic shovel to remove snow and ice from the deck surface carefully.

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