COVID-19 Precautions at Caldek

Caldek's Commitment and Plan to Ensure Your Safety & Well-being

People are at the heart of everything we do the safety and well-being of our customers and staff is our greatest priority, especially during this uncertain time.

We are deeply concerned about the spread of the COVID-19 and want to ensure we play a leadership role to assist in the prevention while supporting the needs of Calgarians. We are closely following the guidelines set out from the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, and other local and national health organizations. 

Caldek Sundeck Systems will continue regular business here in Calgary Alberta as usual. We will be frequently washing our hands and will maintain social distancing to help prevent the spread of the virus. We will take precautions to symptoms among the team, and those who can work from remote locations will do so. 

Our estimators will continue to provide free on-site estimates and are still willing to drive out and measure your projects and meet with you on-site. We will be keeping a safe social distance of 2 meter (6 feet) to discuss projects together. We can also provide estimates without anyone present. 

Our installers do not require house access and will work from the outside. Our installation crews will keep a safe social distance of 2 meter (6 feet) on a project and we will keep the maximum number of crews to 2. 

Financial Assistance: We are currently looking for ways to help our customers who may need financial assistance for urgent emergency deck re-construction or waterproofing. We are now offering 0% financing up to 24 months all equal payments or you can have your payments deferred for up to 9 months with a standard credit option. Please contact for additional information. 

Additional Prevention and Preparation

Our team is observing best practices to prevent and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 by implementing the following measures.

  • Ensuring anyone who is feeling ill to stay home until they have recovered.
  • Using good hygiene practices including frequent hand-washing.
  • Implementing social distancing measures such as no hand-shake policy and cancellation of all large group training and functions.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed on any new developments and updates related to COVID-19. If you have any concerns or questions, we are here to help. 

– Caldek Management

Gas Bubbles in Colder Temperatures

Bubbles will disappear on warm days as the vinyl heats up!

Contact adhesives dry by “flashing off”. The installation procedure involves applying a thin coating
of adhesive to one surface (i.e. top of plywood deck), let dry completely then coating the other
surface to be glued (i.e. back of membrane), letting it become tacky and then contacting the two
surfaces. The bond strength comes when the molecules of glue physically and chemically mesh
together. This is a rapid but not a uniform process. Pockets of still wet solvent adhesive can be
trapped under the now partially adhered membrane. These pockets will now take longer to flash off
and can cause a “gas bubble” to form.

Many of these gas bubbles will vanish as the adhesive dries. Applying heat to the top of the
membrane can temporarily soften Duradek contact adhesives so the bubble will stick down to the
plywood. The solar heat from the sun does this naturally, but this process can take time depending
on the season. Other methods are quicker and can often be done by the owner, they include:
stepping on the bubble with a slight twist, use a hair dr yer set at a medium heat, clothes iron and
damp towel slip sheet, pouring hot water over the bubbles.
Concentrated or too high of a heat setting could glaze the membrane finish. A plastic spreader can
be used to evenly force the membrane down.
Only a qualified installer should apply direct heat using a Hot Air Welding Gun or Directional Forced
Air Space Heater